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There are a few reasons why shady traders pose as private sellers: no CIN, no security statement, no written sales contract, and the ability to sell without a new “see where is” warrant. Watch these bad guys, avoid them and report anything suspicious to the Commerce Commission. If you know the location of a stolen vehicle, always think about your own safety and the safety of others. Don`t follow a vehicle that you think could be stolen. If the vehicle is being driven or you think the driver or occupants of the vehicle are still nearby, please call 111 to ask for police. Are you selling your vehicle? Create a free CIN. Search for a vehicle, then click the “CIN – Sell this vehicle” button. Did you know that there are about 55,000 vehicles sold illegally every year? History of complete New Zealand ownership. How many owners? Name and addresses of non-individual property. If the vehicle appears to be abandoned, please inform the police of its location by going to your local police station. If you wish to provide anonymous information about this vehicle, please contact Crime-stoppers on 0800 555 111.

Have you offered mechanical breakdown insurance with your used car? Our advice: forget it. Dealers love insurance: it`s an extra gain when selling a car and an attempt to offload their CGA responsibilities (although they can`t pull a contract out of the law). But as with any extended warranty, you`re paying to get coverage you probably already have. Users of this information must comply with the following restrictions. Stolen vehicle information is a snapshot of data from the police of interest database and is updated three times a day. There may be a brief delay when stolen vehicles appear and the vehicles found are removed from the list. Some vehicles listed as stolen were found, but police were not informed. This data does not include lost or stolen license plates.

In particular, make sure that the car has been reimmenified (which normally means that it has been depreciated after an accident) or that it has been imported as a damaged vehicle. We believe that a breakdown insurance is not worth the cost. You`re better off spending your money on a pre-purchase inspection and making the vehicle wait regularly after purchase. For more information, see our full report. When selling a car, a dealer must also present a written sales contract and a copy of the CIN you signed. Do not sign an agreement until you understand all the clauses. The FIN of this vehicle is located in the U.S. National Motor Vehicle Title Information System.

So don`t lose your newly purchased vehicle about a Repo-Man! Did you know that 250,000 debts are recorded each year on vehicles and that 255,000 debts are hidden simultaneously on previous license plates? A used car sold by a dealer must have a fitness voucher of less than one month. However, a private seller can sell a vehicle without a warrant, as long as the car is clearly identified at the sale “as it is, where it is” (this is not an option for a dealer). Information about the ownership of this vehicle is not available. Please apply in writing to the New Zealand Transport Agency. For every 100 vehicles imported from Japan, there are more than 200 problems or warnings. Check that your import is not part of these horror stories! Check the seller before purchasing. Confirm who you are buying a vehicle from. If you`re buying from a dealership, you`ll need to disclose all security interests for financial arrears (you don`t have this protection if you`re buying privately – you should use a vehicle history inspection service like CarJam to find out if it`s debt-free).

Learn how to avoid fundamental mistakes when buying or selling a vehicle. Did you know that 23,000 vehicles are stolen every year and 55,000 vehicles are sold illegally? More than 50 checks to find problems. A shady vehicle? Money? Risk of withdrawal of the vehicle? Property history, hidden issues and more. The history of Japan is available….

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