Consultancy Agreement Via A Service Company

The use of service companies has increased, as it has a number of advantages for people working under the agreement: they can limit their liability and, if properly structured, obtain more tax-efficient advisory fees (e.g. B in the form of a dividend). If you have any questions, our consulting lawyers Rhodri Thomas, Helen Monson or Imogen Finnegan can help. There are a number of key clauses that are found in most consulting contracts, as well as clauses that are beneficial to either party. Our lawyers have extensive experience in consulting consulting contracts for use where the advisor is both local and international, especially in the realization of complex projects. Such clauses are intended to limit a person`s ability to work after the end of his advice, in order to prevent the activity of his former client. For example, a typical restrictive agreement may attempt to prevent a person from contacting former clients or clients for a few months after their advice ends. Unlike staff, consultants are generally not implicitly required to keep it secret. It is therefore important to include explicit confidentiality provisions in consulting contracts. It has become increasingly common for the client to withdraw a contract with a service company (the advisor) who then provides the services of an individual or individuals.

Often, a service business is entirely owned by the person who can also be its employee and sole manager. .

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