Ahca Medical Director Agreement

In the provisions of the law, the requirement is that any medical practice that is not 100% owned by physicians must register as a clinic with the State of Florida. If he does not register, the medical office of an insurance company, Medicare or Medicaid cannot charge for his services. If so, he has committed a crime. Registration must be completed within 5 days and there are no exceptions or extensions of time to account for the tragedy of death. Five days is barely long enough for the family to organize a useful funeral. It is by no means sufficient to conclude the necessary repurchase agreements. Yet it is the law. Qualifying as a clinic requires time and preparation. The requirement for a clinic`s authorization under the law requires owners to submit a formal application to the State of Florida; undergo an intensive screening and inspection process, make fingerprints, demonstrate the financial capacity of the clinic to operate; and let the clinic employ a medical director who accepts certain obligations to “ensure” compliance with the requirements of the law.

359 (i) protocols, diagrams or notes demonstrating the daily monitoring of the activities of the health clinic by the medical director or clinic. 446 (l) For health clinics in operation at the time of the investigation, the auditor shall select a sample of at least five (5) patient records from the last 6 months of operation, with at least one Medicaid file, if certified as Medicaid providers, plus the five (5) sets of accounts corresponding to the patient`s five records. 398(k) All patient transfer contracts or health clinic agreements that are written and that are a disclosure of such agreements to the expert that are not in writing, including the names of the parties to the agreement, the date and the main contractual terms. Medical directors are assigned to an administrative function to oversee all medical services and care, particularly with respect to drug abuse programs and services. Increasingly, commercial health plans are targeting their role in drug treatment centers and refusing to pay claims based on audit results that medical directors in Florida could be responsible for far too many treatment facilities and too many patients.

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