White Rock Cupe Collective Agreement

Councillors from the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association, the Community Bargaining Association and the collective Nurses Bargaining Association also participate in the Enhanced Disability Work Capacity Management Program. Lifemark and Acclaim are mandated disability management organizations that, under the EDMP program, provide case managers to disability case managers to associated employers. The Canadian Union of Local Employees 402-01 represents municipal workers who provide services to residents and businesses in the City of White Rock, British Columbia. We are a sub-local of CUPE 402 that represents Surrey municipal employees. Our general meetings are held every other Tuesday of the month starting at 5:00 p.m. .m and usually last about an hour. They take place at the Centennial Arena Lounge, 14600 North Bluff Road, White Rock. The EDMP is currently available to HSA members who are covered by the Health Scientists` Collective Agreement, the Nurses` Collective Agreement and the Partial Community Collective Agreement for Health Professionals. We assume that our health care will help us, but for many years disability management programs have varied from employer to employer and leave a patchwork of many gaps. It will take place every other Thursday of the month at 19:00 from 14 January 2021. In collaboration with employers and other trade unions, it was developed over several years. EDMP is a staff-focused, proactive and tailor-made disability management program for workers with occupational and non-occupational illnesses and injuries. To maintain social dedation, we will represent this meeting via Zoom: CUPE 402-01 White Rock, more than 100 members working in the town hall, leisure services, engineering and public works and rcmp as support staff.

CUPE 402-01 is there to ensure a high quality of life for the citizens of White Rock. The current members of the Board of Directors and their positions are: We are pleased to announce that a new Board of Directors has been formed. Please click on the About Us tab for more information. Please note that work schedules do not include public holidays, holidays or scheduled/unscheduled leave. How would you take care of your family if you get sick or can`t work?.

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