Wet Lease Agreement Deutsch

Wet leasing is usually used during peak hours or during annual and heavy maintenance checks or to launch new routes. When an air carrier provides less than a total crew of aircraft, the wet ground lease contract is sometimes referred to as a wet lease. Wet leasing is sometimes used for political reasons. For example, EgyptAir, an Egyptian government company, cannot fly to Israel under its own name because of a well-founded Egyptian government policy. As a result, Egyptian flights from Cairo to Tel Aviv are operated by Air Sinai, which is leased by EgyptAir wet to bypass the political issue. The most important thing is that when an airline leases and flies a foreign aircraft through a “dry leasing” it is responsible for operating the flight in the same way as for its own aircraft. For “dry leasing”, even the two airlines must rehabilitate an authorization: the airline that wants to rent its plane (ORO). AOC.110 d) and also the airline that wants to rent an airplane (ORO. AOC.110 (a)). For “wet leasing,” only the airline that will lease the aircraft is an appropriate regulatory agreement (ORO).

AOC.110 a)) – crewed rental should only be displayed (ORO. AOC.110 c).) Jet leasing contracts accounted for less than 2% of the fleet in 1976, followed by 15% in the early 1990s, 2000 25% and 40% in 2017, with owners participating in 62% of quarantine aircraft transactions in the second half of the year since 2000: 42% in Europe and 29% in North America. [1] In 2015, more than $120 billion worth of commercial aircraft were delivered worldwide, and half of the world`s owners were based in Ireland. [2] Despite the bankruptcies of Air Berlin and Monarch Airlines, their leased aircraft were quickly placed at “normal market rates” due to traffic growth due to a 7.7% increase in global sales over the year to September 2017, and Airbus is in the process of supplying A320neos due to delays in the supply of engines. [4] It is also a question of knowing that if an airline has its plane and crew for another airline, it is the “wet leasing”.

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